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Group Dance Classes

Group Dance Classes 

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 At the Richland Academy, dance training begins at age 3. Although, students may begin at any age! For the younger dancer, class is about movement, music, class structure, learning the basics of the dance vocabulary, and expressing the joy of dance. Much of ballet terminology is used in other dance classes as well including jazz and modern.

As the dancers get older, more emphasis is placed on proper body alignment and technique. It is very important for dancers to attend class regularly to keep up their progress.
We have dance classes and levels for all ages. Whether you want to be a professional dancer in the future or if you love to dance but you only have time for 1 or 2 classes a week.
Our instructors are dedicated to providing our students with an opportunity to learn not only terminology and technique, but also self-discipline, confidence, respect and an appreciation for dance as an art form. Our group dance classes are divided into graduated levels in multiple genres.  Each class is scheduled once weekly for a 32 week semester that culminates in an end of year performance in May. 


What is Ballet?
Ballet technique is the foundational principle of body movement and form used in ballet. It is a very structured technique that requires proper teaching and training. Class is required to strengthen the dancer’s body and mind so they can gracefully exhibit the difficult choreography the audience sees in a performance. The technique found in classical ballet is the foundation and framework for many other styles of dance.

Pointe classes are available for our most technically proficient dancers who wish to take their ballet dancing to the next level. Teachers will evaluate the students and let students know when they are physically and mentally ready to handle the high demands of pointe work.


What is modern?

A form of dance emphasizing the use of the entire body while exploring movement in terms of gravity, weight, space, focus and dynamics. Modern will expand a dancers range of motion and is also a wonderful class for the older and new dancers who are wanting to explore dance. Classes are based on a variety of modern techniques and styles including Horton and Graham. Modern dance compliments ballet and jazz technique because it builds core strength and challenges the dancers to move through space with different movements and various levels.



What is tap?
Our tap classes blend “Broadway style”, “Rhythm style”, and “fun” emphasizing technique and clarity of sound. The main goals in the beginning tap levels are identifying, utilizing, and demonstrating tap terminology as well as understanding tap as a form of entertainment and technical form of dance. Higher levels of tap will begin to create more complex sounds and combinations while incorporating challenging tempo and rhythm changes to the students’ movements. The higher level classes will be faster paced as students develop more speed and control of their footwork.


What is Jazz?
A blend of traditional jazz with current jazz styles. Dancers focus on body isolations, rhythmic development, terminology, and artistic style through choreography and across the floor combinations. This fun, energetic class combines the techniques of jazz, musical theatre, and hip hop at an appropriate skill level. Throughout the semester students will work on coordination, flexibility, strength and stamina all while working on their stage presence and performance skills.


The staff at the Richland Academy shares in your desire for all to have an exceptional experience with the arts. The best way to see if the programs currently offered at the Academy are a fit for you is to request information »

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