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Create forward momentum, increase confidence, and give them their moment to shine.

Dance Classes

Explore our course catalog below to find the perfect fit for you or your young dancer 

Creative Movement class is for the youngest dancer. The dancers in this class not only learn the basics of ballet and have fun with music and dance; but also experience being in a class with other dancers and begin to understand the etiquette of class behavior and structure.

Fundamentals class is a beginning study of ballet. Whether your child has had ballet before or this is their first time; the dancers will continue to grow and learn more ballet vocabulary and movement.

Combo class is a classic two-in-one! Dancers will learn the fundamentals of ballet and also the basic rhythms and footwork of tap, all in one class!

Movement & Mats is an incredibly fun class designed to increase strength, coordination, balance, and introduce basic tumbling skills. Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of tumbling mats and walk on a balance beam.

Ballet classes are part of our core curriculum and are most valuable in the training of any dance student. Students will learn and practice proper ballet technique and vocabulary with emphasis on alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, musicality, and artistic expression.

A blend of traditional jazz with current jazz styles. Focuses on body isolations, rhythmic development and artistic style. This fun, energetic class combines the techniques of hip hop and jazz at an appropriate skill level.

Our tap classes blend “rhythm style” “Broadway style” and “fun” emphasizing technique and sound clarity. The goals are to identify, utilize and demonstrate tap terminology and understand tap as entertainment. Higher levels of tap begin to create complex sound combinations while incorporating challenging tempos and rhythm changes.

Get your groove on and join my Hip Hop class for a FUN and ENERGETIC dance experience in this master class! Beginners welcome! Welcome Back Star to the Dance Studios!

AGES 9-12

Get your groove on and join this Hip Hop class for a FUN and ENERGETIC dance experience! This is a true master class for intermediate/advanced dancers. Previous knowledge of hip-hop basics is recommended.

AGES 13+

A form of dance exploring movement in terms of gravity, weight, space, focus and dynamics. Modern will expand an advanced dancers’ range of movement and is also a great class for the older and new dancers who are wanting to explore dance. Classes are based on a variety of techniques including Horton and Graham.

Lyrical dance combines ballet and jazz techniques, performed to music with lyrics to inspire expressions of strong emotions.

Trying to find a way to get moving and have fun at the same time? Join us in Salsa Aerobics to make friends and do something great for your body!

Senior Stretch is designed to teach you safe stretching techniques to increase flexibility and improve mobility. All stretches can be modified to meet your needs and physical abilities.

Private dance lessons are a great way to learn new dance styles or improve your existing techniques. Our dance instructors love what they do and pour themselves into making sure you get the attention you need.

The benefits of private lessons include receiving instruction tailored to your individual needs and interests, focusing on your goals, and moving at your own pace. Each lesson is personalized. You can schedule as many lessons as you desire, depending on your goals.

A 45 minute gentle flow yoga class for beginning students who are looking to increase mobility, strength, and flexibility. Class ends with heated eye pillows and a five minute final relaxation. You can register for a yoga class on this page

Pilates is a great low back impact workout for anyone looking to improve strength, posture, and flexibility. The mat exercises are central to the method created by Joseph Pilates and are performed by lying on your back, side or stomach. Get ready to work hard, and leave feeling taller and energized!

Richland Academy Dance Company

The Richland Academy Dance Company is designed as a pre-professional training company. It is divided into four groups based on age and skill.

Company members are required to take a certain amount of classes each week. The amount of weekly training required depends on the dancer’s age and level. Dance company members also have more performance opportunities throughout the year. For new students, teachers will invite dancers to take a placement class in order to correctly identify the dancer’s level.

Many of our dance company alumni have gone on to study dance in college, perform in various companies and even continue on to teach. Dance not only teaches students the technique, but it also teaches students mental and physical discipline, time management, problem-solving, and performance skills, all of which have a positive impact on their futures.

There is an annual audition for placement into one of our companies. 

Please email Sarah at shorrigan@richlandacademy.com to learn more.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you’re looking to give yourself or your child an opportunity to grow and meet new people, joining a dance program at Richland Academy of the Arts is a great first step. Our goal at Richland Academy is to enrich the lives of students of all ages by providing growth and development opportunities across a wide range of dance disciplines under the guidance of professionals. 

Meet Your Instructors

Our instructors bring a passion for the craft and years of professional dance experience to every classroom experience. Our friendly, caring, and dedicated faculty are committed to bringing out the best in each student and guiding them toward reaching their full potential.

Experience the Full Benefits of Dance Instruction

What Others Are Saying

Richland Academy of the Arts has had a profound impact on my life, not only as a teacher, but as a member of the community. I’m so grateful not only for the opportunity to teach dance, but to build relationships with my students and to be a part of their lives, as they are part of mine. I was married this year and a significant portion of the guest list included the staff and students of Richland Academy. We are a family, and at a time when you wish to be surrounded by the people you love, this place and these people surrounded me. That is what the ARTS can do!

Erin Wolford Dance Instructor, Richland Academy of the Arts

My daughter loves going to her dance classes at Richland Academy! She is learning so much and she loves her instructors!

Jen Parent

What do you think about the Academy?
"It's beautiful! Because that's where the ball is and it's so fun."
What are your favorite things?
"The musical instruments, my tap shoes and Miss Erin's purple hair, it's amazing."
Why do you like it?
"Because it's so fun and it's my favorite place to go."

Harper Williams Student, 4-years-old

It has been almost 7 months since we came to live in Mansfield, from Spain. We could not imagine how lucky we would be to be part of the great family of Richland Academy. The affection with which they have always treated us and the love for dance that they transmit to our daughter in every class and every rehearsal, you can't pay with money. We feel very fortunate. THANK YOU!!

Alejandra Garcia Parent

For ten years the Academy dance environment with Sarah, Marden, and Erin, pushed Meiyan to excel, to work hard, to be a supportive and artistic athletic dancer. She values the strength she gained, the coordination, the abilities, the understanding of dance, the camaraderie, the guidance - all of it. She now carries those confidence building and collaborative experiences in herself at the University of Cincinnati, where she studies Mechanical Engineering.

Julie & Greg Timberlake Parents

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